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Quick Ways to Sell Your Car in 2019

Are you planning on selling your car to buy a new one? Or you just want to sell and use the money for other equally important stuff? This article is for you.

Selling your car should not be a difficult task if you follow the procedure, I am giving you in this article.

In this post I will show you how to quickly sell your car at very competitive price in Ghana and other parts of the world. Ready? Let’s roll.

Pasting a “FOR SALE” poster on your car is not enough since most of car sales are done on social media or online of late.

Kindly share this article to friends and family who want to sell their cars. It will be useful to them.

Easy and Quick ways to sell your car in Ghana

There are several methods you can employ to sell that car of yours, not all the methods might work.

It is recommended that you follow the guide in this article to sell your car as fast as possible.

Without wasting much time let’s see how to go about that.


List it on car selling websites.

Listing the car on classified ads websites like Tonaton.com, cheki.com.gh, jiji.com.gh, etc is the smartest way to showcase the car to a larger market.

Cheki.com.gh is a standalone car selling website that enables you to list your car for free.

You can also do that by listing it on general classified ads website like Tonaton.com, deals.jumia.com.gh and jiji.com.gh.

You are required to add your telephone number so that interested buyers can contact you.

To post your car on any of the above websites, follow the steps below.

  • Log on to “cheki.com.gh”
  • Click on “register” to create an account
  • Click on “Sell a car”
  • A form will be opened for your to fill. Fill in all required information and wait for approval
  • Under few minutes your car will be listed.
  • If all listed information are true and intact, you should get a buyer within a week.


Using social media (Instagram & Facebook)

Social media has become another big avenue for marketing of goods and services. You can easily sell your car by also listing it on social media (specifically Instagram and Facebook).

A lot of people search for cars to buy on Instagram. Also, a couple of car dealers in Ghana prefer to do most of their listing on their Instagram handles.

Popular car selling company on IG are automaniac gh, Andcorp autos, Broadman automotive, etc.


View this post on Instagram


2016 Hyundai Elantra- 1.8L engine eco drive – Bluetooth- reverse camera – fabric interior- alloy wheels – GHC 57,500

A post shared by Automaniac_gh (@automaniac_gh) on

To sell your car fast using social media, all you have to do is to post a picture of the car and write the necessary specifications and the caption. Interested buyers will contact you in no time.

You can directly contract other car dealers to list it on their IG page for you. This is a very good option because they have much insight in the selling and buying of cars.


Other ways to sell your car fast.

  • Paste a “FOR SALE” poster on the car
  • Create a short advertisement message and circulate it among your circles using WhatsApp
  • Publicly display the car by a road side or in front of your apartment.


You can equally contact us if you need a quick buyer for your car. We can help you sell it quick. However, you have to give us a percentage of the total value of the car.

Important information.

Make sure you’re selling the car to a genuine person.

List all faults and be honest in your dealings. This ensure a faster purchase.

Don’t hand the car to the buyer before taking the money

Deal with the buyer in an open place for safety.


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