Kantanka Automobile Announces Electric Cars Production by December 2019. Is Ghana Ready For Electric Cars?

Ghana’s first automaker, Kantanka Automobile have announced the production of electric vehicles by December 2019.

The CEO of the Kantanka Automobile Company made it know during a radio interview on October 3, 2019.

He stated that the company is growing and innovating as well and revealed that they have a new headquarters in Dubai.

He assured Ghanaians that the company is ready to produce cars that meet current market standards and can compete with the latest trends and innovations across the globe.

See snippets of his speech below.

“By the end of this year, Kantanka will build electric cars that could travel between Accra to Kumasi before recharge. We intend to do that before this year ends,” he said in an interview on Starr Fm in Accra.”

”Our company is fast growing and currently we have another headquarters at Dubai and the challenge there is healthy for us because they understand luxury and that is good for us,” he said.


Kantanka Automobile is a subsidiary of the Kantanka Group of companies. It is noted for the production of the popular KANTANKA MENSAH and other noted SUVS in the Ghanaian market.


Is Ghana ready for electric cars?

This is a question I would love us to discuss about. Kindly leave your opinion/answers in the comments section.

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