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Home Driving Car Rentals in Accra. See The Top Companies.

Car Rentals in Accra. See The Top Companies.

Do you need a car for your graduation, wedding, engagement, party or you just need a private shuttle from the airport to your residence?

Welcome to the biggest automobile website in Africa. Today, I am going to take you through the best car rental companies in Accra, their services and pricing.

NB: We have no affiliation with the rental companies listed here.

Car rental companies in Accra  are noted for their topnotch services giving customers the option to drive themselves.

The cost of car rental depends on the duration and the type of car needed. You can rent saloon cars, pick ups or even trucks for commercial purposes.

Before you book for a rental, make sure you’ve compared all the listed car renting companies. This will help you make a better decision in terms of pricing, delivery of service, etc.

Without much ado let’s go see what the car rental companies in Accra are.

Alabaster car rentals.

This is one of the popular car rental firm in town. They rent SUVs, buses and also provide tour services to clients who needs it.

Their fleet of cars have luxurious saloon cars, four-wheel drives, tour buses, etc. All their vehicles are fully air conditioned and chauffeur driven.

You can also contact alabaster for travel consultancy service and other related matters.

If you are in Accra and need a car for rent, you can contact Alabaster using the details below.

Physical address: Polo court, Liberation Road.

Telephone number: +233.302.768899 OR +233.244.887744

Email: [email protected]



This is also a recommended car rental service provider in the capital city of Ghana. According to them, they provide affordable prices for renting their cars.

They also have branches in Kumasi and Takoradi and provide airport pickup and drop services for clients who desire.

You can book their services directly online using their web portal or call them for more information using the contact details below.

Physical Address: Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Roman Ridge,Accra,Ghana

Telephone Number: +233556793215

Email: [email protected]


Ghana car rentals

With Ghana car rentals you the freedom to explore. They rent saloon cars, 5 seater cars, four wheel drives and pickups. See the prices of their rental below.

Toyota Hilux – 5 seater pickup

1 – 10 days = $125 per day


Hyundai Mini Van (12 seats)

1 – 10 days = $165 per day


Toyota 4 X 4 Land Cruiser SUV (7 seats)

1 – 10 days = $ 135 per day


Hyundai Santa Fe

1 – 10 days = $ 130 per day


Toyota Rav4 (5 seats)

1 – 10 days = $115 per day


Toyota Corolla saloon (5 seats)

1 – 10 days = $95 per day


For more information about their pricing and other general enquiries, contact them using the details below.

Physical address:  Cantoments, Accra

Telephone number: (0) 264.264.246

Email: [email protected]


Important notice.

Renting a car is expensive for the average Ghanaian. I will recommend that you get your own car for business or private use by taking CAR LOANS or WORK AND PAY CARS IN GHANA.



Thanks for reading from here. This is the biggest automobile blog in Africa.



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