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Car Dealers in Ghana 2019

If you are planning of purchasing a new car, you should be certain which dealer you are going to buy from.

Not so many of use are abreast with the most credible car dealers in Ghana.

For this reason, I did this article to list all the credible car selling companies in Ghana where you can buy a new or used car without getting cheated or scammed.

NB: The list is in no particular order.

List of Car Dealers in Ghana 2019.

  • Automanic motors

Automaniac Ghana sells clean and affordable second hand cars imported from the United States and Canada.

They deal in all brands of cars. See below for the list of common cars sold by Automaniac and their prices.

2019 Toyota Camry SE – GHS 175, 000

2015 Honda Civic EX – GHS 62, 000

2013 Hyundai Elantra – GHS 55,000

For more cars and their prices visit their Instagram page.

  • Andcorp autos

Andcorp Autos deals in clean second hand cars imported from Europe and the united states, Japan, etc. Andcorp autos can also help you import your car easily, fix salvage cars, vehicle registration, and vessel tracking.

For quotes and more information contact Andcorp on +233 55 839 8299, visit their website (andcorpautos.com) or send an email to [email protected].

Also check their Instagram page @andcorp_autos_gh to see their list of cars.

  • Errata motors

Erata Motors is a pioneer in Car dealership in Ghana. It started its operations in 2015 and has since served the people of Ghana with new and used cars.

They also deal in sales of spare parts and give outstanding auto support to customers.

Erata Motors is based in Accra and has amazing staff that values customer care. They sell Hyundai, Toyota, KIA, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz and other brands of cars.

Contact Erata on 024 444 5268 or visit their office in Accra


Erata Motors

Lagos Avenue

Opposite Body Talk Boutique

East Legon, Accra


Cheap Kantanka Cars For Sale.

  • De Georgia Motors

De Georgia has also cemented itself when it comes to car dealership in Ghana. They deal in both new and used cars imported from overseas.

You can get all brands of cars from De Georgia.

  • Broadaman Automotive.

Broadman Automotive deals in very neat second hand cars. It does most of its marketing via Instagram.

If you are looking for affordable second hand cars check out their Instagram page and make your choice.

Common cars they have sold are Hyundai Elantra, Mercedes Benz, Honda Civic, etc. For more information about their cars, call them.

  • Toyota Ghana Limited
  • Erata Motors
  • Automotive
  • City Motors
  • Swiss Group Limited
  • Western Automobile Centre
  • Susuki by CFAO
  • Porsche Centre
  • Auto Plaza Ghana
  • Land Rover Ghana
  • Jaguar  Ghana


Summing up.

Some of the car dealers in Ghana I have listed above gives the options to customers to buy and pay in installment whiles others give work and pay options.

Call any of them for further inquiries on payment mode.

Before you buy a car you should make your checks whether you are buying from a trusted dealer.

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