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Home General Buy Auction Cars in Ghana at Cheap Prices. GHC 2,000. Complete Guide.

Buy Auction Cars in Ghana at Cheap Prices. GHC 2,000. Complete Guide.

Did you know you can buy cars at very cheap prices during auto auction sales? Affordable cars are always available for you, its just that you have little information concerning where and when to buy auction cars in Ghana.

Buying a car takes a lot of patience, time, experience and of course, money. If you are wondering how you can buy auction cars in Ghana without getting scammed, all you need to do is keep on reading below.

Avoid getting duped and learn how to get the best deals during automobile auctions by following the guide in this post.

In this post, we are going to show you all you need to know when buying an auction car either onsite or online. We cover what it takes to participate in auction sales, what vehicle types are available at auctions, and how to find the best car the meets your needs and fits your budget.

 Kindly leave all your questions in the comment section below.


Why should you buy cars during auctions?

  • You avoid extra chargers from middlemen
  • It saves time. You avoid the stress of going through different dealers before getting your car.
  • Opportunity to find great deals. At online or onsite auctions, you find cars that are very affordable and neat. You end up still saving money on them.

auction cars in ghana

Tips for buying a car at Auction.

Take note of these important tips before buying a car at Tema Harbour or CEPS auction in Ghana.

  • Determine your budget.

Consider how much you are willing to pay for the vehicle you’re interested in. Don’t let your emotions alter a sound financial judgment.

  • Decide on the vehicle you’re interested in.

Before you venture into an auto auction, decide on the vehicle you need. It will ensure that you don’t make an unplanned decision which can affect your budget as well.

  • Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Take note of the VIN from the base of the windscreen for the car you’re interested in. Then check other places such as door, dashboard, driver’s side door jam. If the numbers does not match, the car migh have been rebuilt or involved in a major accident.

  • Go with a certified mechanic

If you are not familiar with cars it is recommended that you attend the auction with a certified mechanic. He will ensure that you are getting the best car in terms of condition, mileage, etc.

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Types of Vehicles available at an Online Auction.

Cars usually seen during auction sales in Ghana are salvaged, used and accident cars.


Where to buy auction cars in Ghana.

Car auctions in Ghana often take place at the customs, ports and habours. The places below are where you can buy auction cars.

Tema habour

Cars that have overstayed at this habour are usually put out for auction sales. The Ghana Revenue authority usually makes an announcement on their official website for public auction of vehicles and other general goods.

For car auctions dates and locations kindly visit the announcement page HERE

CEPS auction cars


Apart from participating in physical auto auction sales, you can get great deals on online auto auction sales. Popular websites where you can buy auction cars and ship to Ghana are listed below.


Sites to buy auction cars and ship to Ghana.

  • Auction export
  • Autoauctionmall.com
  • Ebay motors
  • Salvage bid
  • Copart
  • IAAI


Shipping your car to Ghana.

Now that you’ve bought your preferred car online, it is time to transport (ship) it to your location.

Most of the auto auction sites mentioned above will assist you on how to ship your vehicle to your destination.

We (CARS BOSS) can also help you to ship your vehicle to Ghana at a very competitive price. Contact our support team via email: [email protected] or call +233(0) 203 256 997


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